Rob’s writing DEMON KNIGHTS as of #16

Ever since SURROGATES, I’ve been a Fan of Robert Venditti’s. The narrative trick he pulled during the sequel mini-series (FLESH & BONE) demonstrated a superior ability, a command of the comics form, and indeed of storytelling mechanics, that should usually takes decades to acquire.

The idea of Rob now crafting stories that will inform centuries of the fictive DC Universe is a treat I’m really looking forward to. But more so, I’m looking to Rob continue to evolve himself. His career is interesting to watch pretty much because it’s geared around a creative evolution. What strikes me even more than a year after our interview for THE HOMELAND DIRECTIVE, is something he said almost as a throwaway comment: “I wanted to write a female lead character because I hadn’t written one yet and wanted to figure out how to write one. I set it as a kind of challenge to myself”. Rob’s thinking points to a kind of writerly courage that always refocuses around growing latent talent to its full potential. And more than anything, it’s that courage that I’m looking forward to see on the page.

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